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Q&A Salary Survey

Published: Nov. 2 2021

Questions and answers about Tekna’s salary survey

Who receives the salary survey?

Our salary survey is sent to all registered and regularly employed members. It’s also sent to recent graduates, in other words students who are registered as having taken their final exams up to and including September of this year.

We don’t send out the survey to everyone at once; instead, we send it out on the dates when this year’s salary negotiations have been completed in the different companies and sectors.

Why should I take the salary survey?

Our salary survey forms the basis of Tekna’s salary statistics, which is an important tool in salary negotiations. This concerns all members: both those who have a Tekna group at their workplace and those who negotiate their own salary. Statistics are not a sum of money in themselves, but rather provide a useful guide in relation to the market value of everyone holding a Master’s degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subject.

Regarding younger employees, it’s very important that all of you who have a lot of work experience take the survey so that we can gather useful data from all age groups. When you take the survey, you quite simply help improve the quality of the data, and we get accurate statistics as a result.

How can I use salary statistics?

  • Make sure that you’re at the correct salary level
  • Salary negotiations – whether you negotiate your salary yourself or a representative negotiates for you
  • Check out salary levels in different sectors and branches (f.ex. if you’re thinking about changing jobs)
  • Find out which salary level you can expect as a recent graduate

How do I take the salary survey?

All regularly employed and recently graduated members will receive an e-mail or text containing a link to the survey. This link is secure; it mustn’t be forwarded to others. You can also go to Take survey and then log on to your own profile to find your own personal link.

While taking the survey, you’ll get instructions on how to answer, and we ask that you follow them. If you have any problems, please call tel. nr 22 94 75 00 and ask to speak with Øyvind Haldorsen. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected].

What’s the deadline for taking the survey?

You should take the survey as soon as possible, or when this year’s salary negotiations at your workplace are done and you’ve been informed of your salary adjustment. If you haven’t gotten your salary adjustment yet (in other words an adjustment that’ll apply as of 1 October), you can wait to take the survey until you receive a reminder from us giving you a final deadline for taking it (but if this happens, it’s important that you respond as soon as possible after receiving this reminder).

When will this year’s statistics be available?

The salary statistics will be posted on Salary statistics in January. You can see the statistics for previous years there as well.  

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the survey or salary statistics?

Call tel. nr. 22 94 75 00 and ask to speak with Øyvind Haldorsen, or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also contact the Tekna representative at your workplace – f.ex. if your question’s about the survey’s question on pensions, this is something your representative should be able to answer.