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Elected representatives are an important resource for Tekna members, says Arve Vaale-Hallberg, lawyer at Tekna.


Tekna representatives help you with your salary level

Published: July 7 2020

Tekna has hundreds of representatives who help you get the right salary through annual salary negotiations.

A good union representative is the best guarantee of a well-organized negotiation. If you are not in a company with a collective bargaining agreement, you are in fact not entitled to take part in wage negotiations.

- In these cases the employer can determine wage increases without negotiations, even though many companies resolve this through individual salary negotiations, says attorney Arve Vaale-Hallberg in Tekna.

He points out that Tekna representatives are a very important resource for Tekna members.

- These are trained and experienced people who are familiar with employment law and collective bargaining agreements, and who know how good processes should be implemented. They also have access to salary statistics and relevant information, which makes them worth listening to, says Vaale-Hallberg.

- Salary interest people

Representative Ines Sulentic in Technip Norway tells Teknamagasinet that the role of a Tekna representative is both demanding and interesting. She has the responsibility for negotiating on behalf of around 150 Tekna members in her company.

Your long education should be rewarded!

Our salary statistics are your most reliable source for evaluating your own salary, and we can help you during salary negotiations. In addition, we provide you with legal assistance, professional courses and networks over the entire country as well as one of its best bank and insurance deals.

- Salary and negotiations are something that interest people. I get an awful lot of questions about this from our members. We help, answer and forward information from Tekna and from our own company to members, giving them an indication of how they are positioned with respect to their salary so that they can make up their own minds prior to negotiating this point with their managers, she says.

As a representative, she and the other Tekna Group board members use Tekna's salary statistics to prepare for their collective bargaining negotiations.

- We have to prepare as much as possible. The employer uses their own figures, which is why it’s so important for us to have our own statistics so that we don't have to rely simply on their figures and viewpoints , says Ines Sulentic.

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