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En ung kvinne med briller
It’s wise to have a salary discussion with your boss if you’re lagging behind in terms of pay.

Advice and Tips

Recent statistics show that I’m earning less than others at my job level. What can I do?

Modified: Nov. 7 2023

You should contact your manager and request a meeting to discuss your salary.

Have a meeting

A salary review meeting isn’t the same thing as a salary negotiation, but rather an informal meeting where you talk with your manager about how you’re performing at work and what needs to happen for you to get a higher salary and new work tasks.

Different reasons

If the company’s been going through a rough financial period, this might be the simple explanation as to why you haven’t gotten any salary increase in awhile.

But sometimes there’s more to it. Maybe the way you’re doing your job shows some flaws or shortcomings.

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Your best bargaining chip in salary negotiations is seeing what others with your background are earning. Because we offer our members some of the country’s best banking and insurance deals, legal assistance and a lot more, it pays to join Tekna.

It isn’t easy to correct your mistakes if you don’t really understand what you’re doing wrong. If you think this might be the problem, it’d be smart to find out if your company union representative can attend your meeting.

The representative has a duty of confidentiality. He/She is present to just provide support and act as an extra pair of eyes and ears to follow along with what’s being said. In other words, you alone have to lead the discussion with your manager.

It’s also important that you prepare yourself for this meeting. We’ve made a short film showing how a salary review meeting can go and how you should proceed. This film’s only four minutes long, which is time well spent.
Good luck!
Salary review meeting (with English subtitles):

What are you earning compared to others?

Are you wondering how your salary compares to others working at your same level? 


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