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Science and education

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are necessary to solve future challenges in areas like climate, energy and transport. We organize seminars, courses and networks for teachers and members who inspire  students of all ages to choose STEM subjects.

Our network Tekna Science Teachers

Tekna Science Teachers is a professional network for teachers who are also Tekna members.

Member is both cost-free and commitment-free and is offered exclusively to Tekna members. After joining, you’ll receive emails about relevant activities.

Membership: Send a text to 2007 using the code word REAL to become a member.

Join the network

Make sure the members' academic and professional interests are looked after as well as familiarize other Tekna members/teachers with our network.

Increase teachers’ professional development opportunities.

Work for increased recruitment to the profession of individuals studying for their Master's degree.

Promote a greater understanding of and interest in scientific subjects in the school system and help upper secondary school students become inspired to choose scientific subjects as their academic focus.

the board works on the following:

  • Annual study tour to the ASE conference in January
  • Study tours to NAROM at Andøya, CERN and other places
  • Annual meeting seminar
  • Provide statements on governmental science hearings
  • Support other relevant activities

 Members' interests in salary levels and working conditions are taken care of by Tekna’s 1) Local Government group and 2) Salary and Special Interests Committee.