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Tomt rom med møtebord. Bli representert med en fagforening

Take your seat at the table – become a trade union member

When top management is going to discuss next year’s salary increases, reorganizations or even lay-offs, it pays to have a union representative in the room. If you’re a Tekna member, she’ll speak on your behalf. Read more about why it pays to join a trade union. 

Tekna as trade union – a little different

We’re working towards making salary growth take place locally, making continuing education possible for highly educated workers and making sure that competency is prioritized over seniority. And a lot more.

We’re all about finding good solutions for our members wherever they work. We’re good at it, and almost never go on strike. That’s why we’re a trade union that’s a little different from the other

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Kvinne ute på tur med Tekna-lue og Tekna-flaske

Security and co-determination

Membership gives you an extra sense of security. If you happen to find yourself in a difficult situation at work, you’ll get help from our attorneys. Through our representatives you also have a seat at the management table when important decisions are being made about the organization where you work.

A part of something bigger

Benefits like vacations, leaves of absence and working hours, which most people take for granted today, were won in large part due to trade unions’ hard work. The labor market is still going through great changes, so our job is far from over. Your membership makes us stronger and better. Because of you, we are heard.

Salary negotiations – how Tekna weighs in

We work for making sure that our members’ salary growth takes place to the greatest possible extent at the organizational level. This is called local collective bargaining, which we prefer to centralized negotiations and/or individual salary determinations made at the employer’s discretion.