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Dues waiver when you’re laid off or unemployed

Modified: Oct. 22 2023

Regular members who have been laid off or terminated will naturally get a dues waiver.

Several companies have been going through serious challenges as a result of the Corona pandemic, and many people have been or will be laid off.  

Laid off?

Get in touch with us and let us know what your situation is, and you will be granted a reduction in your fees equivalent to the percentage that you have been laid off. We do not require any documentation of your situation.

Keep in mind that there is always to be a legitimate reason for any layoff. A legitimate reason might be a reduction in available work or other circumstances that your employer was unable to foresee or is unable to adjust to.

You can read what our legal department has to say about layoffs here


Members that have lost their job and don't recieve compensation from their employer, can apply for a full exception from the membership fee. 

Apply for reduction in or exemption from your membership fees

Get in touch with us and we will gladly help you. The fastest way to apply for, and have granted, a reduction or exemption is to contact us on [email protected].