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Get a higher pension payment with low annual fees

  All Tekna members have access to one of Norway’s best pension plans. Check out how much you’re contributing to your pension savings account today with our Kron plan – and see how much more you can save.   

Our new pension plan is for all members

Tekna members have access to getting in on one of the market’s best pension plans. Paying low fees now can reward you with significantly higher monthly payments when you retire. We’ve also made sure that our plan is one of the best long-term ones around – so you won’t have to think about it.   

Savings funds and IPS 

At Kron, all members (including civil servants) receive substantial rebates on their savings funds and individual pension savings (IPS) accounts.  

Tekna’s own page on Kron’s website 

Here you’ll be able to 1) find up-to-date prices for pension savings and 2) get help for calculating the amount of your future pension.  

Tekna at Kron
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