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Home content insurance covers accidental damage to your personal belongings – even if you’re not at home when it happens

Published: Apr. 28 2021

While most people (luckily!) have a home content insurance policy, not all policies are equal. If you have Tekna Innbo through our Gjensidige agreement, both the price and coverage are among the very best available.

Of course, Gjensidige’s home content insurance covers damage to and theft of your personal belongings (whatever is not a fixture). In other words, not only are theft, fire/water damage, natural disaster and legal liability covered, but Tekna Innbo also covers a lot more.

Accidental coverage – inside and outside your home

If you’re unlucky enough to have an accident involving your bike, skis or kayak, or you sit on your new sunglasses, or your gym bag gets run over by the bus – accidental damage to sports equipment is covered up to NOK 30,000 per claim. 

If you drop your laptop on the floor, or accidentally damage something else at home (that’s not a fixture), it’s covered up to the maximum amount for at-home damages and up to NOK 30,000 outside of your home – all over the world.

Broken mobile phone screen

Tekna Innbo includes coverage for broken screens on every family member’s mobile phone. The policy also covers losses for theft and damages all over the world with a NOK 1000 deductible per claim.

Online security

Having Online Trygghet provides every member of your household with help to monitor and protect their personal information against online identity theft and abuse. You’ll also get help to take care of any damage as well as delete undesirable digital content. Every household member is covered up to NOK 100,000 for legal assistance to prepare for a legal dispute, and up to NOK 1,000,000 in aid after legal proceedings have started.


If you get uninvited renters in the form of rodents, cockroaches or other pests, Tekna Innbo covers the cost of exterminating them up to NOK 50,000.

Great savings with Tekna-Gjensidige

Many Tekna members get great savings through our deal with Gjensidige. While prices are important, it’s also important that insurance policies provide good coverage. Gjensidige Forsikring scores high on the Norwegian Customer Barometer, and as an extra bonus this company has also been paying out a high rate of customer dividends over the past ten years.

Check for yourself or speak with a customer service representative 

Read more about Tekna’s benefits on Gjensidige’s website.

If you’d like to speak with a customer service representative at Gjensidige, please call 915 03 100.