In the second of three sessions about battery technology from Tekna Fagråd Agder we will learn about battery production from Morten Bak and Silje Wetrhus Hebnes from Morrow Batteries.

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In this session about battery production we will focus on battery cell production, but briefly mention assembly of modules and packs.

For cell production we will cover the following.

1. Electrode manufacturing

  • Slurry mixing

  • Coating

  • Calendaring and slitting

2. Cell assembly

  • Vacuum drying

  • Notching

  • Stacking

  • Assembly, various processes

3. Formation

  • Charging and discharging

  • Aging

  • EoL testing and grading

The session will give you an introduction to the big picture of the manufacturing process.

Hybrid course

The course will be held at the University of Agder i Kristiansand in Auditorium KRS B 1007, and it will be streamed via the UiA webpage as well. Link to the stream will be distributed to the attendees two days before the course.

Food will be served before the session starts at approx. 17.00, and after the session there is an opportunity to get some drinks and talk shop in the Østsia Bar at the University.

Morrow will be represented by

  • Silje W. Hebnes, Process Engineer

  • Morten K. Bak, Head of Process Engineering

The Battery Sessions

You have to register for the courses seperately, and the courses wil NOT be recorded.

Back to school

Tekna Fagråd Agder have during recent years given lectures about new topics for Tekna members in collaboration with the Univeristy of Agder and relevant local industry. These lectures have been a great success, especially the digital courses we had during the pandemic. In 2022 we have had one lecture about Esport, and now this series about batteries.


Auditorium KRS B 1007. The course will also be streamed.