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  1. The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining

    LIVE 26.th of September at 9:00AM In this seminar we explore how biobased materials can be utilized from ... small scale to large scale industrial processes, in biorefineries or using bioprocessing to create biobased...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Sept. 26 2022 Streaming
  2. Working in Norway: What’s your added value?

    Have we in Norway (over) enhanced becoming an entrepreneur as the only way to make it in business? “Value ... headline in The Scotsman announcing: Record number of Scots want to … innovation in Norway,international...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 19 2018
  3. This is what technologists are demanding of the new government

    ...platform. – We expect the Støre government to deliver in areas such as increasing funding for STEM subjects ... Aktuelt Tekna has outlined 15 proposals to include in this platform, all of which have been sent to the...

    Article Aktuelt Oct. 6 2021
  4. Writing a business plan

    A business plan is a tool that shows in detail how you want to establish your business. It helps you ... systematically through how you’ll establish your business in order to feel secure that your undertaking is achievable...

    Article Ledelsesbloggen Aug. 1 2021
  5. Conference Speakers: Do they ever learn?

    ...phrase in English that warns against what can happen when people gain too much power and status in society ... conference speakers,speakers, Working in Norway There is an old phrase in English that warns against what can...

    Article Working in Norway Jan. 28 2016
  6. Sky-high growth of digital paper tablet

    ...says organizational development head Haakon Knoph in the Norwegian IT company reMarkable. Last year TIME ... Magasinet’s list of «The 15 leading companies in IT sector job growth – in other words companies with the strongest...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  7. The return of the technologists to senior management

    ...senior management positions in Norway has returned to the levels recorded in the 1980s and early 1990s ... per cent, having dropped to as low as 24 per cent in 2009. "There can be no doubt that this change is...

    Article Nov. 2 2017
  8. Intellectual property rights (IPR)

    ...enterprises have intellectual property rights, whether in the form of business secrets, know-how, patents, ... established on the basis of the employees’ performance. In such cases, there will often be a need for clear...

    Article Råd og tips Oct. 31 2022
  9. CV/Cover Letter Writing Tips: Experience never gets old

    ...energy with our experience never gets old. Working in Norway A mid-career job seeker recently sent their CV ... and cover letter to me for editing and feedback. In case you didn’t know, ‘mid-career’ or ‘late-career’...

    Article Working in Norway June 23 2020
  10. Intellectual property rights (IPR) - employees

    ...more detailed guidance on the transfer of rights in employment relationships, notification of inventions ... enterprises have intellectual property rights, whether in the form of business secrets, know-how, patents,...

    Article Mar. 13 2015
  11. Application Letter Writing: A Little (List) Goes a Long Way

    In my most recent blog post, I wrote about how job-seekers need to use active verbs in their writing ... writing in order for the reader to understand what they actually did/are doing at work. An extension of this...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 11 2021