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  1. Tillitsvalgt og relasjonsbygger

    44641 Tillitsvalgt og relasjonsbygger Et godt samarbeid med arbeidsgiver, andre tillitsvalgte og egne ... egne medlemmer er viktig for deg som tillitsvalgt. Målsettingen med dette kurset er å styrke din rolleforståelse

    Course May 23–24 2023
  2. Are You Working in Norway…or Wanting to Work in Norway?

    "The Norwegian Model" and your rights with regard to it. Program: Working in Norway How does The Norwegian ... important here? How to be temporarily employed – How is it different from other types of employment? What are

    Course Streaming Dec. 13 15:00–16:30
  3. International and Nordic cooperation

    International and Nordic cooperation The professional network Tekna Community Developers ... Surveyor – professional interests in the European Union; it currently has 35 member countries. Nordic cooperation...

  4. Hvordan bidrar du som tillitsvalgt til en ryddig omstillingsprosess

    44629 Hvordan bidrar du som tillitsvalgt til en ryddig omstillingsprosess Få en gjennomgang av regler ... rammeverk for medbestemmelse og innflytelse du som tillitsvalgt må kjenne til. Kurset tar også for seg ulike

    Course Apr. 18 2023 10:00–17:00
  5. Nettverk for erfarne tillitsvalgte 2023

    44625 Nettverk for erfarne tillitsvalgte 2023 Har du mer enn to års erfaring som tillitsvalgt og fullført ... deltakergruppen til et velfungerende nettverk blant erfarne tillitsvalgte. For å ikke ta for mye av din tid, holdes

    Course Mar. 29–Nov. 8 2023
  6. Hverdagsledelse

    Bjånes har lang operativ ledererfaring fra områdene IT, media og humanitært. De siste 10 årene har hun bistått ... effektive, team til å øke engasjement og samhandling i It’s timeout AS - www.itstimeout.no. Hun fasiliterer

    Course Apr. 20 2023 16:00–19:30
  7. Unemployment benefits and your rights

    Tekna’s legal department Unemployment benefits and your rights Unemployment benefits are designed to partially ... unemployed. Råd og tips In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, you have to meet the following requirements:...

    Article Råd og tips Nov. 18 2022
  8. Telekommunikasjon Offshore 2023

    møteplass for deg som jobber med telekommunikasjon og IT-systemer i offshorenæringene! Hold av datoen. På ... Industri 4.0. Målgruppe Operatører, elektroingeniører, IT og telekom-medarbeidere, automatiseringsteknikere

    Conference Oct. 24–25 2023
  9. Multicultural Leadership

    maintaining the business presence there brings along its own challenges. One of them is to ensure that the ... the foreigner or you are receiving the foreigner, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the communication

    Course Dec. 9 16:30–20:00
  10. Økonomiforståelse for tillitsvalgte

    44538 Økonomiforståelse for tillitsvalgte Det er viktig for deg som tillitsvalgt å ha en forståelse av ... produktivitet, konkurranseevne og framtidsutsikter. Som tillitsvalgt skal du få tilgang til bedriftens regnskaper

    Course Mar. 21 2023 10:00–17:00
  11. How is blockchain being used today?

    ...demonstrating how the technology could be used now and its potential across industries. Organizations are now ... where this technology was used and the outcome of it. The program Please note that the presentations are...

    Article Tema: IKT Nov. 3 2022 Streaming
  12. 41st Global Flow Measurement Workshop

    44458 41st Global Flow Measurement Workshop The most prominent conference addressing flow measurement ... valid both for traditional and new applications. It includes initiatives towards higher accuracy, more

    Conference Oct. 24–27 2023
  13. Travel expenses

    ...has its own travel expense software for Tekna representatives to use. In order for you access it, we ... maintain a high level of control over accrued costs, it’s important that we receive travel expense reports...

  14. Community project funding grants

    Projects must meet certain criteria: Selection and application: Here are former projects that ... Professional Development Committee then nominates its “winners” to the Executive Board, which determines...

  15. What is a personal pension account, and what does it mean for you?

    ...language, cut out all expensive middlemen and made it easy for you as a consumer to get started saving ... Reassuringly, Kron keeps its investments separate from its own financial resources, and all of its assets are safely...

    Article Oct. 17 2022
  16. AI+Art – Applications of machine learning in creative industries

    LIVE on the. 14.th of October 08:30 AM AI+Art – Applications of machine learning in creative ... gaining more attention in recent years thanks to its creative and research value, but also practical value...

    Article Tema: IKT Oct. 14 2022 Streaming
  17. Want to work in Norway? This is what you need to know

    One of the first steps to qualify for a residence permit is to have a job offer available ... so that when the skilled worker arrives in Norway, it will all have been taken care of already. Hegge adds...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 30 2022
  18. The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining

    LIVE 26.th of September at 9:00AM The circular economy: Biomaterials and biorefining In this ... biomass Professor Svein Jarle Horn, NMBU How do we do it? Replacing soy with microalgae in animal feed Dag...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Sept. 26 2022 Streaming
  19. Mattilsynet – samling for tillitsvalgte 2022

    44225 Mattilsynet – samling for tillitsvalgte 2022 Vi inviterer tillitsvalgte ved Mattilsynet til årets ... Thon hotel Arena i Lillestrøm. Hvordan kan du som tillitsvalgt gjøre en forskjell lokalt? Ett av målene

    Course Dec. 7–8
  20. How pensions work in Norway

    ...working in Norway, or you apply to work in Norway, it might be a good idea to wrap your mind around how ... all the way at the other end of the scale, where it’s largely taken care of or regulated by the government...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 16 2022
  21. Joined Tekna when he didn’t get any vacation pay

    Akhtarzada from Bahrain, the path to Norway passed through IT studies in Pakistan, bar work in New Zealand and ... bar owner, what he most enjoys is developing new IT products – preferably in start-up companies. When...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  22. Can my employer refuse to give me overtime pay?

    ...in data technology. He’s been offered a job at an IT company with a good salary and terms of employment ... from the laws on overtime pay. «Thomas» asks if it’s correct that he as a recent graduate can be considered...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 15 2022
  23. Saves over NOK 30,000 a year by being a Tekna member

    ...alone. It’s gotten more expensive to live in Norway in 2022; we have bigger expenses, and so it’s natural ... rate difference sounds so little; but over a year, it grows to be quite a lot. This means that she’s saving...

    Article Sept. 15 2022
  24. Private law: Good advice isn’t expensive – it’s included in your membership

    ...private law Private law: Good advice isn’t expensive – it’s included in your membership Can buyers cancel a ... in an uncertain situation. - And, he continues, it’s best when members contact us before getting into...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 3 2022
  25. Next generation bioinformatics

    AI-generert bilde (DALL-E 2) Sendt 26. august kl. 9.00 Next generation bioinformatics As a ... public interest. But what is bioinformatics? How is it used in novel research and commercial products? And...

    Article Tema: Bio- og klima Aug. 26 2022 Streaming