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The staff of Tekna's Legal Department works with all important legal aspects of your employment situation.


Whenever an employees loses his/her job in the form of a dismissal with notice, summary dismissal or similar, it is a serious issue and may have dramatic consequences for the individual involved. It is therefore important for employees to be aware of their rights should they find themselves in this type of unfortunate situation.

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Are you entitled to any holiday, and how much holiday pay will you receive?

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Intellectual property rights

Almost all organizations have intellectual property rights, which have often been established on the basis of employee performance; in such cases there will often be a need for clear rules outlining the possible transfer of rights from employees to the organization.

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Employment contract

This contract stipulates the employer's/employee's rights and obligations and contains all significant points pertaining to the employment relationship. It is important that you carefully read through your contract before signing.

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Work schedules

The purpose of the Norwegian Labour Act's work schedule provisions is to ensure that your work schedule neither affects you or your family in an unnecessarily unhealthy manner nor damages your overall quality of life.

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Temporary layoffs

A temporary layoff is when an employee is temporarily relieved of his/her work duties at the same time his/her employer is temporarily relieved of their duty to pay wages. Temporary layoffs may be used to a certain extent when a company has to curtail its operations for a period of time.

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Bonus programs

Tekna’s position is that your base salary should be your primary source of income from your employer; a bonus program should only be a secondary source of income. Additionally, you must be made aware of the fact that bonus programs are not always awarded.

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Modified date: Friday, September 17, 2021