PhD Candidates

Tekna is a natural choice for all PhD candidates who are pursuing their degrees in STEM subjects. We work hard to ensure that they’ll be taken care of in the same way as other employees. For instance, we believe that PhD candidates and other temporary employees must be included in annual local collective bargaining negotiations.

Although PhD candidates have full access to Tekna’s membership services, they pay only 25 percent of regular membership dues.

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Salary in the public sector

What is typical salary for PhD candidates?

akademisk doktorhatt på penger
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Extension of time limit for PhD studies due to absence/leave of absence

A PhD study period may be extended in certain instances

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Terms of employment for PhD candidates

Employers must follow a special set of rules when hiring a PhD candidate.

The general rule in Norwegian working life is permanent employment. PhD employment is one of the exceptions to this rule.

Contact person for PhD candidates

Alexander S. Iversen

Adviser Tel: +47 932 14 492

Questions regarding academic fields within Tekna

Mette Meinert Tel: 93259526