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Travel expenses

For meetings and events, it should always be considered whether digital tools can be used to avoid physical travel.


Tekna covers travel expenses for representatives attending meetings, courses, and gatherings with physical attendance. The cheapest mode of transportation should be used. Tekna aims to contribute to reduce climate and environmental footprint, and therefore encourages the use of environmentally friendly, collective means of transportation.

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Representative training

Travel information

Representative training courses are an important arena for network building; that’s why we encourage all participants to join us for dinner and stay overnight if they can. Put a check by “overnight stay” on the registration form, and Tekna will take care of the rest! 

Tekna covers everyone’s travel and hotel expenses – but remember! Whatever expenses you’ve otherwise incurred need to be paid directly to the hotel before you leave.

Personal car

Reimbursement for using a private car must be cleared in advance with the head office.

Plane tickets

Please make your airline reservation by contacting Egencia at telephone number: 23 15 04 99 or use this pre-labeled e-mail.
You need to enter the project number and name of the course supervisor. State the purpose of the travel booking and the dates for the trip. In this way you don't have to pay for the trip, because Tekna receives the invoice from the travel agency.

You will find the project number and course manager on the receipt you received when registering and also in the course description.
If you only have a course number, you can use that instead of the project number.

Expenses/lost earnings

Representative training courses are free for all board members of local groups. Tekna covers all travel expenses in connection with these courses.

In most instances, representatives are allowed to take paid leave to participate in training courses; however, if your employer deducts your pay, you can apply to Tekna to cover your lost earnings. Use our travel expense portal and document your loss by providing a payslip that shows the deduction amount.