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Norway is an energy nation that is constantly evolving. On our way to becoming an eco-friendly society, we’ll need more research, technological development and full-scale demonstration facilities in a number of fields.

Our professional network – Tekna Oil and Gas

The network is for members interested in, or working with, scientific and professional issues in the oil and gas sector.

Member is both cost-free and commitment-free and is offered exclusively to Tekna members. After joining, you’ll receive invitations to our events. Sign up via My Page or send a text to 2007 using the code word TEKNAOLJE.

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Tekna Construction and Engineering is the network for members working in or interested in the industry. We get involved in community issues and hearings as well as organize professional and social events.

If you join the network, you’ll be able to:

  • Get industry updates
  • Take part in events and digital meeting places
  • Have a large network where you’ll meet others with similar interests
  • Help determine Tekna's industrial policy agenda

The network’s mandate:

  • Build a national and international professional network
  • Form professional policy
  • Take an active role in the public debate
  • Create professional, physical and digital meeting places, including breakfast meetings and evening seminars


Irene Haugli

Irene Haugli

adviser, professional fields

irene.haugli@tekna.no Tel: +47 932 59 553