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SAVES A LOT: Lise found out that she saves a lot of money by belonging to a trade union. Photo: Mikkel Moe

Saves over NOK 30,000 a year by being a Tekna member

Published: Sept. 15 2022

When Lise Vermelid Kristoffersen (podcast host of Pengesnakk) was going through her personal finances recently, she got a big surprise.

– I’m saving NOK 8,170 a year on insurance alone.

It’s gotten more expensive to live in Norway in 2022; we have bigger expenses, and so it’s natural that many people are looking at their own personal finances even more closely. What can you cut down on, and what will pay off in the long run?

– Check your finances even more carefully

Lise, host of the personal finance podcast Pengesnakk, was recently a guest on Tekna’s own podcast “Organisert". Before going on, she’d taken an extra look at how much money she saves by being a Tekna member. 

JOINING THE PODCAST: Lise was a guest on the podcast Organisert and talked about personal finances. Photo: Mikkel Moe

– I ought to have become a member when I was a student, but I didn’t join Tekna until years later, actually the same day I quit my job. The two reasons I joined were financial ones; in other words, I wanted insurance and a home mortgage, she says during the podcast episode.

Lise found out that even though a Tekna membership costs NOK 5,000 a year, she still comes out ahead, the insurance policies alone helping her to save a lot of money.

– I called Gjensidige, then went through all of my insurance policies and found out that I’m saving NOK 8,170 a year on insurance alone. So my Tekna membership is paid for right there.

– Right now, I’m saving over NOK 30,000 a year on my bank’s home mortgage with the current interest rate. When taken along, the rate difference sounds so little; but over a year, it grows to be quite a lot.

This means that she’s saving NOK 38,170 a year because of her membership in Tekna (minus the annual dues of NOK 5,000).

How much are you currently saving?

Become a member

As a Tekna member, you receive many professional and financial benefits. We may help you with your salary, career and professional development and legal challenges. You get access to one of the country's best banking and insurance deals which can save you a lot of money. Becoming a Tekna member is a good idea!

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