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Remotely possible? Getting no response to your (carefully crafted) job application

Written by Karin Lee Published: Oct. 29 2020

Are you a job-seeking casualty of companies that have gone remote, too?

My sad story

A few weeks ago I applied for a job appearing in my LinkedIn feed.

The phrase ‘I applied for…’ should be further explained: it means I put in a good few hours that morning revamping my CV and composing a cover letter specifically targeted to this job.

(Had to follow my own advice, didn’t I? Can’t just dish out CV/cover letter writing tips as I do in my blog and not make this time-consuming effort myself.)

…nix, nada, nothing

Only to send it off into cyberspace and hear…nothing.

Well, nothing beyond receiving a brief ‘thank you for your interest in…’ autoreply.

Said reply informing me that I could log in on their website to see my application status.

Which didn’t work but just kept spitting out a bright red error message whenever I tried to go in and look.

So wrote to the company’s ‘Contact us’ e-mail address to ask for help fixing this problem over a week ago, and have heard…nothing.

So called the ‘Contact us’ phone number a week ago and got a recording that listed the many departments in this company (‘For ____, press 1’, etc.). Pressed what I thought’d be the correct extension and left a message explaining the situation and asking for help.

Only to hang up and hear…nothing.

Is this even remotely possible?

See, what I figure is that when this company closed its head office and went remote, certain important things got lost in the shuffle. For example, making sure when ‘externals’ like me apply for jobs, they have a way of getting a human response to their questions, be it in written or oral form.

(I mean, a main contact phone number with no human on the other end of the line? Really?)

Of course, I may just be ignoring the obvious here:

Maybe they’re just not that into me/my application.

Maybe I should just move on and look at my LinkedIn feed again for a new opportunity.

Maybe I shouldn’t take it personally and just learn from the experience.

Has this ‘job search nothing’ ever happened to you, too?

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