Uniting Norway in digital classroms

The ENT3R project, which is aimed at promoting maths and science subjects in schools, will reach out to the whole of Norway through digital classrooms. Here is a guide to the projects aimed at strengthening maths and science in our schools.

A dozen 10th grade pupils and three mentors are sitting in the basement of Nils Henrik Abels Hus at the University of Oslo at Blindern solving maths problems. ENT3R is one of the many initiatives designed to promote maths and science subjects in Norway. Pupils at lower and upper secondary schools are receiving help and inspiration from students studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects at universities and university colleges. Today, one of the pupils is taking part in the testing of the new digital classroom.

“ENT3R will now be extending a helping hand to pupils throughout Norway. We will do this by getting together in virtual classrooms. Everyone taking part will be able to see and speak to each other and will see the same board, just like in a traditional classroom,” says ENT3R coordinator and Tekna Student member, Karoline Nielsen.

The coordinator and a colleague are seated in Trondheim and test-driving the digital classroom together with a mentor and pupil located in Oslo. Up until now, help from the ENT3R programme has been available only to pupils able to go in person to one of 18 different university colleges and universities teaching STEM subjects. This assistance will now be extended to the whole of Norway.

There is no shortage of ambition when it comes to promoting maths and science subjects to Norwegian youngsters. Tekna’s primary collaborators in this field are:

Forskerfabrikken (The Scientist Factory) 

Lær Kidsa Koding (Teach the Kids to Code)  

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Modified date: Thursday, December 7, 2017