Newsletter November 2017

Norway’s best mathematicians

The results of this past autumn’s national tests have just been published. Recently-started lower secondary school Norges Realfagsgymnas Ungdomsskole shared the top slot in arithmetic with Tolga Ungdomsskole in Nord-Østerdal. Norge Realfagsgymnas Ungdomsskole is part of the biggest push ever to promote maths and science subjects in Norwegian schools.

Uniting Norway in digital classrooms

The ENT3R project, which is aimed at promoting maths and science subjects in schools, will reach out to the whole of Norway through digital classrooms. Here is a guide to the projects aimed at strengthening maths and science in our schools.

Tekna Student warns of looming student crisis

The biggest-ever campaign to boost maths and science in schools has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in resources for students. Tekna Student is calling for more resources for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in higher education.

Banking and insurance

Gjensidige have lowered their interest rates! Through Tekna's partnership with Gjensidige you can save more on banking, savings and insurance products than your annual membership fee costs. Check what Gjensidige can offer you.

Tekna to participate in The Safety Forum for the oil industry

Tekna has been invited to participate in The Safety Forum, and we will be sending Peter Sabel, the Tekna representative for Statoil. The Safety Forum is a multipartite forum that aims to contribute to increased knowledge and understanding of why and how the Norwegian oil and gas industry should be a pioneer industry as regards HSE, both on a national and internation level.

Modified date: Monday, June 11, 2018