Feb. 16

Most of Tekna-members take part in different projects at work. How come some of them run smoothly but others seem to nevner get of its feet? What does it take to get a higher successrate?

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With this course by the experienced lecturer Petter Bakken, you will get better at running projects. You will also learn how to use your qualifications in a better way in projects you are participating in.

The course will take place at Clarion Hotel Ernst in the centre of Kristiansand. Check the boxes for lunch before the course in the registration form. The corse starts at 12.30, and the lunch starts at 12.00.

The course will be held in english.

Learning goals for the course

You will get:

  • Ten concrete advise to improve your skills in leading and coordinating projects

  • A list of ten classic errors so you don't have to make the same mistakes

  • Easy to learn tools, practical advise and clear ideas for project management

About Petter Bakken

Bakken is a sought after lecturer with great knowledge of leadership, change management and sales. He has experience as a leader in the Norwegian Defence and Hewlett Packard. He has further educated himself in change management from Prosci, High Performance Leadershp from BI and is also a sertified coach.

  • Petter Bakken

    Holtskog AS