Oct. 1

How to develop efficient teams, particularly in a Norwegian workplace.

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Teams are more efficient and achieve better results if based on an understanding that people really are different – and when the differences can be used constructively to work towards the same goal.

A lot of our work is done in collaboration with others – either one to one or in a (more or less) formal group. We will look at differences in people and how to work better with people who are not like yourself.

In particular, we will focus on how to help increase motivation, efficiency as well as confidence between groups members. With increased confidence, conflicts are fewer and less destructive whereas creativity and dialogue can create better results. However, rightly handled, conflicts can also be constructive and in many cases even contribute to better professional solutions.

We will also look into how to develop trust and better cooperation between team members and how to build and maintain an efficient team. Keys here are common understanding and individual improvement.

Themes in the course:

  • Common goal
  • Special things to consider in a Norwegian team
  • Who are you – and who are the rest of the group
  • Requirements for convenient collaboration
  • Values and behavior rules
  • Openness, confidence and well-being
  • Understanding skills and roles
  • Tools for Communication
  • Constructive conflicts – and how to help each other improve

The goal in teamwork is that the result of the team exceeds the sum of individual efforts. Succeeding gives both inspiration and pleasure to all members of the team.

Lecturer: Petter Bakken, Pib Consulting


  • We'll be serving sandwiches from 16:30.
  • The course starts at 17:00.


Venue adress: Reidar Bergesgate 7, 4013 Stavanger