Join us in watching the broadcasted lecture, and get to know some new friends, and practice the Norwegian Code! Fun and informative for both Norwegians and others.

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This is a local gathering to have a social and fun time to watch the lecture together. We will gather at the student community, and the bar will be open for purchase of various drinks. We will have some time before and after the lecture to mingle, and maybe you will experience the social interaction with new eyes after hearing Julien's view of Norwegian social life.

The lecture description follows:

Through entertaining stories and simple illustrations, you will learn about behaviours, norms and values that influence interpersonal interactions in Norway.

You will understand better the Norwegian social logic, verbal and non-verbal communication, politeness, relationships, emotions, equality, leadership, decisions making processes and much more.

The lecture helps Norwegians and foreigners to understand the benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce in Norway.

Read more about the lecture here.