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Online course (A0) Transportation of concrete- elementary course in accordance with competence requirements given in NS-EN 206 + NA. The online course is a competency course approved by the Concrete Training Council / Betongopplæringsrådet (BOR). The online course can start with Part 1 - Self study lecture after receiving an MAIL from course organizer with course information and a link to course material.

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The online course consists of three parts:

  • PART 1: An introductory part for self study of lecture modules. Introductory part must be completed before part 2.
  • PART 2: A mandatory joint online meeting via Teams.
  • PART 3: Exam taken at your employer after attending Part 2. Further instructions for exam are given after Part 2.

The course is in English and all material is in English.

The course is part of the theoretical training program for concrete car driver, conveyor belt truck driver and pump operator according to the competence requirements given in NS-EN 206 + NA.

More about the theoretical A0 online course

  • The online course consists of 11 chapters with questions for self study. Estimated completion time is 10 hours.

  • The mandatory joint online meeting (2-3 hours via Teams) together with the other course participants.

  • You take the exam after the mandatory joint online meeting at your employer under supervision of your nearest leader. All aids are allowed during the exam.

Course certificate

  • Course certificate are awarded after completion of the course and passing the exam.

Certificate of competence

  • Certificate of competence with approved classes will be sent out after treatment of the Concrete Training Council (Betongopplæringsrådet), BOR. There is a BOR fee for the processing of the applications that are approved. The competence requirements can be found here.

  • Form with personal data and practice is sent to the course organizer at the latest together with the examination assignment (end of course). After end of the course, your form has to be sent to BOR (

The Practical Training 

is to be done in-house, so that necessary practice is achieved, and training to operate the machine / equipment comes in addition to this theoretical training. Regulations on the execution of work (§ 10-4. Requirements for equipment-specific training) require the employer to ensure that the employee receives the necessary training on the specific work equipment he / she uses. The employer must ensure that the training is adapted to the nature of the work equipment and to ensure that the worker can use the work equipment in a proper manner. It must be documented in writing which work equipment has been given training, who has provided the training and who has been trained.


  • Full course fee is charged if cancellation occurs after receipt of course material from the course leader (the course has started).

  • Cancellation fee is charged if canceled before the cancellation deadline.

  • Full course fee is charged if canceled after the cancellation deadline.


Part 3 at your employer. Part 1 and 2 anywhere
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PART 1: Self - study lectures. Course start from 15th February. To be completed before Part 2.

(1) Administrative and practical information

  • The form, purpose and objective of the course

  • Course material

  • NS-EN 206-NA - requirements for competence

  • Concrete Training Council (BOR), their competence classes and certificate of competence

(2) History of concrete

(3) Concrete types and standards

(4) Basic concrete technology

(5) Methods and equipment for concrete transport

(6) Concrete transport

(7) Procedures on site

(8) Adding admixtures on site

(9) Concrete pumping

(10) Deviations and failures

(11) Health and safety

(12) Environment

PART 2: 24th March at 13:00 - 15:00: A joint mandatory online meeting via Microsoft Teams

  • Link to Part 2, see info mail from course organizer PART 1.

  • Summary of important topics and answers to questions in PART 1 self-study lecture.

  • Exam and requirements for the correct completion of the exam

  • Submission of exam self-declaration form (EF form) immediately after completing the exam.

  • Course certificate from course organizer Norwegian Concrete Association upon passing the exam.

  • Certificate of competence with approved competence class (es) from the Concrete Training Council (BOR),

  • Submission of personal data form and practice form (PP form)

  • Evaluation of the online course (program, course documentation, time consumption, others)

  • Questions

PART 3: Exam to be completed latest 26th March at 19:00.

-2-hour online exam after participating in Part 2.

-Exam taken at your employer under supervision of your nearest leader.

-All aids allowed.

-You will receive link to the online exam by e-mail after Part 2.

  • You take the exam at your employer under supervision of your nearest leader.

-A signed self-declaration form for the correct completion of the examination must be sent to the course organizer immediately after the examination together with your signed form for personal information and practice.

-Special examination arrangements: Participants who, for medical reasons, such as dyslexia or reading and writing difficulties or for other reasons, may need extended time or a oral examination. Extended time may be granted (maximum 1 hour). Oral exams can be organized via Microsoft Teams on request. Contact the course organizer by mail before Part 2.

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