Improve your Machine Learning skills, working hands-on with industrial sensor data.

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We’ll kick off this 3,5 hour workshop with an introduction to our business problem – monitoring of a gas export compressor – along with an overview of relevant problems and methods.

Then you’ll explore the industrial data yourself and take a crack at extracting insight. You’ll be assisted by lecturers from Cognite.

Requirements: You must have basic understanding of Machine Learning and some experience with Python and Jupyter Notebook. You should be familiar with simple Machine Learning libraries such as scikit-learn or similar.

Bring your own PC, with Python 3 and Jupyter Notebook installed.

We serve baguettes from 16:00. The workshop starts at 16:30.

The workshop is held in English. It’s free and open for everyone meeting the requirements above (Tekna member or not). It’s set up by the professional network Tekna Big Data in association with industrial IT company Cognite.


Klubben, 9th floor of Ingeniørenes Hus

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