Apr. 29
The course is canceled

Would you like to improve your ability to communicate effectively in English in an international business environment? Join the crowd.

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This course looks at intercultural communication and how culture impacts on business relationships while helping improve your English in an evening of reflection and discussion.

The course aims to increase your skills in the following areas:

• Speaking English correctly in a professional context

• Increasing vocabulary

• Developing consciousness and reflection regarding cultural differences and issues

• Developing a sense of humility when attempting to understand other cultures

• Displaying sensitivity, insight, balanced judgement, professionalism

The language of instruction in this course is English; oral practice is encouraged through working in pairs and participating in group discussions.

About your course instructor:

Karin Lee is a former Tekna staff member who now lives in Tucson, Arizona. She was born and raised in the US, came to Norway for one year and lived here for over twenty more. She has several years of experience teaching business English courses as well as translating and proofreading for the Norwegian public/private sector.

PS! Wraps will be served from 1615