Do you have a promising innovative idea? Can the idea be protected? Would the idea involve other companies’ intellectual property (IP)? How do you evolve your business idea without breaching other companies’ IP rights or losing control of your core idea? Do you have the freedom to operate? Do you know how to pursue a patent application?

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Startups and entrepreneurs are often advised to protect their key IP even before finding the first customer. Venture capitalist are trained to seek and value such IP’s before they invest in a promising startup. In the age where the FANNG (Facebook, Amazon,Apple, Netflix and Google) and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Ten Cent) have and still are accumulating patents; what chances do small Norwegian startups have in avoiding breaching these and similar companies’ IPR? What strategies can smaller start-ups and entrepreneurs employ to safeguard their freedom to operate? What support do we get from Innovation Norway to secure a patent, trademark or etc.?

On behalf of Tekna Grundergruppen, Tekna Egen Bedrift and Tekna Digital Technology, we are inviting you to an evening with us, Innovation Norge and Oslo Patentkontor to listen to and discuss the following:

  • Short presentation of contributors and the services they offer start-ups, entrepreneurs, scientists, small and medium size companies.
  • How to protect your IPR in Norway and internationally
  • The processes and strategies to consider while applying for IP protection
  • What are the optimal IPR strategies for entrepreneurs vs. established firms
  • What is the recommended mindset of entrepreneurs, startups, small companies when securing the freedom to operate - Pitfalls and lessons learned


Dronning Maudsgate 15. 1. etasje

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