Jan. 19 2021
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How may data and intelligence enhance our understanding of our climate?

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In this online seminar we will address the potential of different approaches for analyzing and understanding our climate, based on available data. What are the challenges of different methods – machine learning (artificial intelligence) or traditional methods – and how do researches and analysts address these challenges?

We will hear more about these topics from:

  • Erik W. Kolstad, Climate researcher at NORCE and the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research: Climate risk prediction – challenges and benefits for the society
  • Terje Wahl, Research Director at Norwegian Space Agency: Which climate parameters are observed by the satellites? And how long climate data series do we have from satellites?
  • Thordis Thorarinsdottir, Chief Research Scientist at Norwegian Computing Center: Machine learning vs. statistical methods for climate data analysis
  • Christian Bengtson, Head of Agriculture at IBM EMEA: GRAF – changing global weather forecasting using big data and a new supercomputer

The presentations will be held in English. Our intended audience is anyone with a professional interest in either climate, data analysis and machine learning, or both fields.


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The event is open and free for everyone, so feel free to invite a colleague, but please sign up individually.

The event is organized by the professional networks Tekna Klima and Tekna Big Data. If you are a Tekna member, you may join our professional networks for free.

  • Erik Wilhelm Kolstad

    Research Professor

    NORCE Climate

    Erik Kolstad is a Research Professor at NORCE Climate, a Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research affiliate, and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. He currently leads the Seasonal Forecasting Engine project, the transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral SFI Climate Futures center for research-driven innovation, and the EU Horizon 2020 project CONFER (Co-production of Climate Services for East Africa). Erik's main research interests are seasonal forecasting, and climate solutions through co-production.

  • Terje Wahl


    Norsk Romsenter

    Terje Wahl er avdelingsdirektør ved Norsk Romsenters avdeling for Forskning og Jordobservasjon. Han tok matematikk hovedfag på Universitetet i Oslo i 1981, og jobbet deretter i mange år med satellittfjernmåling ved Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI) på Kjeller, med havovervåkning med radarsatellitter som spesialitet. Han begynte å jobbe på Norsk Romsenter i 2005.

  • Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir

    Chief Research Scientist

    Norsk Regnesentral

    Thordis Thorarinsdottir, Ph.D., is a statistician in the Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, and Image Analysis (SAMBA) group at the Norwegian Computing Center where she is Researcher Leader for Climate and Environment. Her work is within the fields of spatial and space-time statistics, Bayesian methods and forecasting. She works on environmental applications together with atmospheric scientists and hydrologists to solve problems on uncertainty quantification, probabilistic prediction and model evaluation.

  • Christian Bengtson

    Head of Agriculture


    Christian Bengtson is Head of Agriculture at IBM EMEA.

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