Apr. 12

Learn about how can you communicate better in your role as manager, employee representative or employee.

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Dialogues about difficult and/or important matters may evoke emotions, potential conflict, and uncertainty, because neither managers nor employees can be only rational. Therefore, many of us are, understandably, reluctant to have such dialogues.

This course will give you communication tools for demanding, yet necessary dialogues.

Practical information

We serve wraps from 16.00 for those who are interested. If you have allergies or special needs, please write them under "additional information", so that we can notify the hotel.

About the speaker

Jan-Martin Berge is a psychologist specialist in clinical psychology with specialization in work psychology and further specialization in Cognitive Therapy. He has primary responsibility for mental health in Aker Care, which is a personal and company health service offering for employees in Aker-owned companies, for example, Aker Solutions, Aker BP and Cognite. He is an award-winning speaker and has received outstanding feedback for his courses.

See www.psykologberge.no for more information about Jan-Martin


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