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Rhetoric is the art of influencing and persuasion - and the key to an effective presentation.

Relevant questions:

• What characterizes a good presentation? • How do you make your message targeted and relevant? • How do you communicate with confidence and clarity?

The following topics will be covered:

  • The art of persuasion and our three pathways to influencing others.
  • How to prepare for your presentation: The rhetorical workflow
  • Effective openings: How do you make your audience want to listen to your message?
  • Structural models to help sequence and organize your content.
  • Use your voice and body language to become clearer and more confident when you communicate. And what not to do?
  • How to avoid “death-by-PowerPoint”: Practical tips for better slides and more freedom to improvise and make changes during your presentations.

About Vibeke Holtskog (

Vibeke Holtskog is a language teacher and rhetorician. Since 2009, she has specialized in giving courses, lectures and workshops covering the subjects of communication, dissemination and rhetoric.

Vibeke became a published author in 2018 with the book “Formidling som funker”. Her newest book, “Digital formidling som funker” was released in August 2021.

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