Oct. 18

How to compose clearly written, professional e-mails that get your point across in an effective manner.

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Writing e-mails is the most widely used form of communication in the business world today. But because it is still a relatively new form of communication, basic social conventions for writing and responding to e-mails are still being worked out. And miscommunication can easily occur when people have different expectations about the e-mails that they send and receive, especially if they are from different cultures.

You will receive tips and terms that you can use on the job to increase your confidence when corresponding with business associates around the globe so that you get it right – every time.

  • How can you prevent your e-mail from ending up in the junk pile?
  • When is a brief message o.k.?
  • When it is more appropriate to send a longer, more professional-sounding e-mail?
  • How should a writer decide what style of writing is appropriate for each task?

Course Instructor: Karin Lee-Hansen

Pizzas will be served at 16.30 hrs. Course starts at 1700 hrs.

Tekna members only including Tekna student members.


Adresse: Strandgaten 15
  • Karin Lee-Hansen


    Teknas distriktskontor Agder

    Karin is currently the Tekna District Office Manager for the Agder region in southern Norway. A US citizen, she has several years of experience teaching various English subjects in both the public and private sector as well as providing proofreading and translating services. Her courses include a great deal of student activity and participation, a combination that produces both a high degree of learning and – most importantly – increased levels of self-confidence among students with regard to their own performance when speaking and/or writing English.