Nov. 27

How do you utilize domain knowledge in combination with a data-driven approach?

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Many complex, real world problems are best solved by combining theoretical knowledge and empirical data. This is however no trivial task. A new interdisciplinary field spearheaded by NTNU, Big Data Cybernetics, sets out to remedy this through new methods for extracting valuable models and information out of large streams of data. This is done by combining theory-driven mathematics, physical models and data-driven machine learning into new algorithms.


16:30: Presentations
- Vision, Challenges and Philosophy, Harald Martens, Idletechs/NTNU
- PCA and PLSR Algorithms, Damiano Varagnolo, NTNU
- Hybrid Modeling as an enabler for Big Data Cybernetics, Adil Rasheed, NTNU
- Industrial Use Case, Oddbjørn Malmo, Kongsberg Maritime.
17:35: Questions and Answers / Panel Discussion
18:00: Break
18:10: Networking: Group Discussion and Plenary Summary (Ending at 19:00)

We will serve baguettes/sandwiches/wraps from 16:00 (4PM).

Some presentations will be held in Norwegian, some in English. The event is open and free for everyone, so feel free to invite a colleague, but please sign up individually. Space is limited. If you’d like to suggest topics or cases to discuss in the Networking part, please let us know by filling out the “Additional information” when registering.


Follow link to watch the first part live online 16:30–18:00
You don’t need to sign up to watch the streaming.

The event is organized by Tekna Big Data and Tekna Trondheim avdeling. If you are a Tekna member, you may join Tekna Big Data and our other professional networks for free.

  • Harald A Martens

    Chief Researcher, Professor


    Harald Martens holds a M.Sc. in Biochemical engineering and a dr.techn. in Multivariate Calibration. He has been researcher and professor in a number of universities, institutes and companies in Europe, Asia and the US. His books and more than 200 research papers are now being cited more than 1000 times per year in the science litterature. He is currently prof.emerit. in Big Data Cybernetics at NTNU and research leader in the spin-off company Idletechs AS in Trondheim. He is been awarded several international research prizes, and is a member of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences (NTVA).

  • Damiano Varagnolo


    Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet NTNU

    Damiano Varagnolo has a Dr. Eng. degree in automation engineering and Ph.D. degree in information engineering. He has worked as a post-doctoral scholar at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and as Senior Lecturer at LTU Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. He is now serving as Professor at NTNU in Trondheim within the Department of Engineering Cybernetics.

  • Adil Rasheed


    Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet NTNU

    Adil Rasheed has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Multiscale Modeling of Urban Climate. He has worked as Research Manager at SINTEF Digital, leading the Computational Sciences and Engineering group. After a period as part time professor of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at NTNU, he now holds a full professorship in Big Data Cybernetics.

  • Oddbjørn Malmo

    General Manager Technology

    Kongsberg Maritime AS

    Oddbjørn Malmo has a Masters degree in Fundamental Physics and a PhD in Ocean Wave Physics. He has worked as Research Scientist and Section Manager at SINTEF VHL mainly on Hydro and Wave Power, followed by a number of positions in companies that are now a part of Kongsberg such as Simrad Subsea, Autronica and Kongsberg Maritime, responsible for innovation and product development for a number of maritime sensing applications.

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