The course is part of a training program for concrete transporters, conveyor and pump operators under the competence requirements specified in NS-EN 206 and NS-EN 13670 (formerly EN 3465).

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The course is especially designed for foreign language graduates who have inadequate knowledge of Norwegian. Tuition and everything of the course material is in English.

Upgrade education and skills of foreign language concrete conveyor band and pump operator in concrete production to meet corporate needs and requirements of the standard of competence.

Course Description:
The course provides an introduction to basic concrete technology, transportation, pumping and delivery / receipt of concrete by current practices and current standards. The course will give you knowledge about rules for additives at delivery, inspection and testing, registration of non-compliance / deviation, dissemination of content and receipt of delivery note.

Course participants will gain an understanding of the importance of quality for fresh and hardened concrete, the factors that affect concrete quality, and the importance of concepts like mass ratio, strict strength classes and durability classes. Course participants will also be made familiar with the company general sales and Terms for factory-mixed concrete, manufacturing - Control System (PKS) environmental regulations, HSE and their understanding of the service concept and the importance of good communication both ways.

Please note that there are only granted access to the examination after completing the course. It requires 100% attendance to take the exam.

Note! The course can be cancelled to un-sufficient number of participants. Cancellation will occur before the deadline. We take no responsibility for already purchased flight tickets and more.

Each participant must book their own hotel room.
Phone: 63 92 61 00 - Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen, Use ref.code Tekna course.

For practical information about the course, a certificate of competence, accommodation and miscellaneous, see: Practical info.

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15:00 - 22:00

Program part 1


  2. CONCRETE USAGE History Applications Standards and norms for concrete production

  3. BASIC CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY Concrete ingredients and concrete mixes Hydration of cement Water to cement ratio, concrete strength and concrete durability Properties of fresh concrete Cementations materials Mixing water Aggregates for concrete Admixtures for concrete Additional concrete Consistence and workability Separation Shrinkage Revision exercises Chapter 3

  4. CONTROL AND TESTING Visual control and assessment of the concrete Control of concrete consistence and workability Testing of air pore volume Testing of concrete strength Revision exercises Chapter 4

  5. EQUIPMENT FOR TRANSPORT OF CONCRETE Concrete transport equipment Delivery equipment for ready mixed concrete Concrete pumps Transportation equipment in general Revision exercises Chapter 5

08:30 - 16:00

Program part 2

  1. TRANSPORT OF READY-MIXED CONCRETE Speed of concrete drum Time of transport Temperature Cleaning Water in drum Mixer blades Procedures and job descriptions Revision exercises Chapter 6

  2. DELIVERY OF CONCRETE ON SITE Find the right place Delivery with conveyors Delivery to a pump Delivery to buckets Special aspects when delivering self-compacting concrete (SCC) Delivery ticket Customer’s signature General terms of delivery The role and responsibility of the driver Casting on site Revision exercises Chapter 7

  3. ADDITIONS ON JOB SITE Regulations for additions Adjustment of consistence on site Guidelines and procedures for additions on site Admixtures to be added on site Technical data and safety data sheets for admixtures Revision exercises Chapter 8

  4. PUMPING OF CONCRETE Types of pumps Pumping equipment – steel pipes or rubber hoses Principles for pumping Concrete pump ability Conditions on site, rigging and execution Special concretes Cleaning Procedures Revision exercises Chapter 9

  5. REGISTRATION OF DISCREPANCIES What is deviation/discrepancy/non-conformity Corrective measures - better procedures Revision exercises Chapter 10

  6. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY Duties and responsibilities of employers and employees Extract from” Regulations on the use of work equipment” Checkpoints before start Driving and rest regulations Special dangers Revision exercises Chapter 11

  7. INNER AND OUTER ENVIRONMENT Revision exercises Chapter 12

Exam and end of course

(A0) Transportation of Concrete - elementary course

Practical info.

Special arrangements:
Participants who for medical reasons by dyslexia or literacy problems relating to the examination must notify the lecturer at the start of the course. It may be granted 25% (though maximum 1 hour) expanded time by written exam, or an oral exam.

Note! For attending the exam, you have to be present at the course the whole time.

Certificate of Competence issued by Betongopplæringsrådet:
Course certificate and certificate of competence issued by the Concrete Training Council: Course certificate is awarded after completing the course and passing the exam. Certificate of Competence with an approved competency classes issued by BOR (Betongopplæringsrådet) for application against a processing fee (nok. 1100, -) when all courses in the series is completed and documented knowledge and practice is documented. The courses must be conducted in a specified order.
For more information, see http://www.betongopplæ

Note! The course can be cancelled due to un-sufficient number of participants. Cancellation will occur before the deadline. We take no responsibility for already purchased flight tickets and more. If the participant do not show up at the course, full course fee will be billed – along with hotel package for each day.

Hotel package:
This is mandatory and include coffee and cake / fruit, lunch and course venue - this is in addition to course price.

The cancellation fee nok. 1500, - applies between the deadline and cancellation deadline.
Full price applies cancellations made after cancellation deadline.

Hotel Accommodation:
Each participant must book their own hotel room.

Please note that the hotel must have a billing confirmation from your employer if you want the hotel to send an invoice for your stay directly to the employer. This confirmation may also be taken and delivered to the front desk when check in the first day. It have to contain the name of the participant, invoice address, mail address, name and signature to your nearest leader in the company.

Duration: 14 hours, incl. completion of the exam.