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STEM recruitment

The society of both today and tomorrow is entirely dependent on more people learning skills in technology or science. One of Tekna's most important tasks is therefore to inspire more young people to choose an education in science or technology.

Awaken children's curiosity

To achieve this, Tekna supports several activities that awakens children and young people's curiosity about programming, physics and chemistry.

Skilled teachers are important

Tekna believes skilled teachers and advisors are crucial to success . So it’s important to work for increased their competency levels they are the individuals who educate and advise future technologists and scientists.

Tekna believes that colleges and universities must make greater use of the opportunities that digital and technological solutions provide for education, research and dissemination. Tekna believes that there is a need for more collaboration between educational institutions, research institutes as well as public and private enterprises to trigger creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Want to learn more about what Tekna thinks about higher education and research? Read Tekna's policy document on higher education and research