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Tekna's Code of Ethics

Tekna's vision statement and values

Tekna's vision statement is Tekna creates the future. Our values ​​can be summed up as follows: Be credible, innovative and courageous. Our Code of Ethics gives you a basis for reflecting on what it means to be credible, innovative and courageous.

Ethical reflection

In our society we have and must relate to several laws and regulations that establish ethical values ​​and norms. As professionals we must also respect the guidelines of our employers and business partners.

As a Tekna member, you must be able to make up your own mind. Your decisions should stand up to ethical reflection, and you should always clarify in advance if your decisions:

  • are legal
  • are fair to those affected by them
  • will have adverse consequences for individuals, the environment or society
  • can withstand public attention to them

Tekna encourages its members to reflect on their role as a citizen, professional, union representative, colleague and/or fellow student.

Caring about the community

Be courageous and take responsibility for how your contribution to science and technology affects society and the environment.

Be innovative and seek opportunities that bring positive impacts.

Be a true professional, employee representative, colleague and fellow student

Act credibly, make your best effort to help your community:

  • Act with integrity and transparency
  • Show respect for human dignity and human rights
  • Be loyal and reliable
  • Show respect and trust
  • Collaborate, be supportive, do good deeds for others
  • Assess and communicate risk
  • Follow a precautionary strategy
  • Alert others about critical issues or threatening situations

Your decisions and actions often affect other people. Your ability to reflect on ethical challenges will increase through communicating with other people.

Tekna Ethics

Tekna Ethics is the Tekna Ethics Council's network for members who want to follow Tekna's work surrounding the ethical challenges faced by members.