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  1. Produced Water Management 2022

    41894 Produced Water Management 2022 The major forum for personnel working with topics related to produced ... oil and gas industry. Welcome to Teknas Produced Water Management. Producing oil and gas without violating

    Conference Jan. 26–27 2022
  2. The return of the technologists to senior management

    ...technologists to senior management The proportion of engineers holding senior management positions in ... senior managers and their educational background in 2016. The latest study focuses on senior managers employed...

    Article Nov. 2 2017
  3. All or nothing?: Managing your e-mail inbox

    Email overload? Karin Lee All or nothing?: Managing your e-mail inbox Not all that long ago, I was teaching...

    Article Working in Norway May 22 2020
  4. Sikkerhetsutfordringer med fremtidens mobile transportløsninger

    challenges for risk management in the century of complex systems and how risk managers have a critical role ... role to understand and manage the risks of these complex systems. Vi er i en tid med stadig raskere endringer

    Course Streaming Oct. 19 09:00–11:00
  5. Norway: Happy OL Medal Count = Happy Norwegian Manager?

    Need something special from your Norwegian boss? Strike while the OL-iron is hot! How so, you ... Norway: Happy OL Medal Count = Happy Norwegian Manager? Norway medals OL 2018,Norwegian humor,Norwegian...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 19 2018
  6. Effektiv møteledelse

    41976 Effektiv møteledelse Få bedre møter gjennom mer effektiv møteledelse. ... samt endringsledelse på Master of Technology and Management (MTM) programmet til NHH/NTNU. Praktisk Før kurset

    Course Oct. 26 15:30–19:30
  7. Forhandlingsteknikk

    42191 Forhandlingsteknikk Hvordan bli en bedre forhandler? Man må forhandle både ... EDAMBA (European Doctoral programs Association in Management & Business Administration). Merk at dette Wa

    Course Oct. 29 08:00–09:30
  8. Medlemskurs: Motivasjon og ledelse

    42491 Medlemskurs: Motivasjon og ledelse Hvilken lederatferd fremmer og hemmer motivasjon? Få teknikker ... samt endringsledelse på Master of Technology and Management (MTM) programmet til NHH/NTNU.

    Course Nov. 22 16:30–20:30
  9. Motivasjon og ledelse

    41997 Motivasjon og ledelse Tekna Helgeland inviterer til kurs i motivasjonsfremmende tiltak ... samt endringsledelse på Master of Technology and Management (MTM) programmet til NHH/NTNU. Praktisk I forkant

    Course Oct. 20 16:30–20:30
  10. Medlemskurs: Bli bedre og få det bedre – særlig på jobben!

    42292 Medlemskurs: Bli bedre og få det bedre – særlig på jobben! Bli bevisst ... deltagere. Kursleder: Torunn Ødegård i Think Management AS er opptatt av organisasjonskulturens avgjørende

    Course Nov. 8 16:00–19:00
  11. U3 Execution of concrete for supervisors

    42023 U3 Execution of concrete for supervisors The course participants will be given training ... required for the production manager (former casting manager) and control manager, foreman / tradesman, and

    Course Oct. 26–28
  12. Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2022

    41962 Oil Field Chemistry Symposium 2022 ... Dear Colleagues, Chemists, Scientists, Engineers and Students ... regards Gordon Graham Program Chair for 2022 and managing director of Scaled Solutions Ltd, UK

    Conference Mar. 23–25 2022
  13. Frokostwebinar om flytende solceller

    40467 Frokostwebinar om flytende solceller Solceller har festet grepet som en av våre ... Ingrid B. Lome - Senior Naval Architect and Project Manager i mossmaritime Per Lindberg PhD, CEO Sunlit Sea

    Course Nov. 2 09:00–10:00
  14. Taking these easy steps can guarantee you several thousand more kroner per month

    ...ever, you can decide where your pension’s to be managed. A new deal with Kron ensures that all Tekna members ... is based on an annual cost savings of .58% in management fees/costs. The return rate used in the example...

    Article Aktuelt Oct. 23 2020
  15. Doing this can increase your pension by several hundred thousand kroner

    ...you want to place your employee pension, and management company Kron is offering Tekna members a great ... has chosen poorly performing funds and/or fund managers, or has invested in funds you don’t believe in...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 31 2021
  16. The ultimate checklist for your pension

    Choose a provider with low administration and management fees. If you choose a company with lower fees ... account to Kron, she’ll get a .23 percent lower management fee than the one her employer has chosen. The...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 1 2021
  17. The Story Behind Coastal Darkening

    ...at NIVA as established researcher and project manager in the section for oceanography. Anne is a board ... CCR, and one of Norway's representatives on the management committee of the European funding organization...

    Article Bio- og klimabloggen Jan. 30 2021 Streaming
  18. Writing a business plan

    ...financing Accounting and auditing Organization and management Establishment and startup Examples of business ... that of Innovation Norway. Summary Because bank managers and investors are often very busy people, your...

    Article Aug. 26 2021
  19. Lars Olav Grøvik elected as Tekna’s new president

    Lars Olav Grøvik is Tekna’s new president Lars Olav Grøvik elected as Tekna’s new president ... fields of geology, management and social economics, and works as a Data Management Advisor at Equinor...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  20. What is a personal pension account, and what does it mean for you?

    Supervisory Authority of Norway as a mutual fund management company. They have over 20 years of experience ... and vast experience in financial advisement, management and technology. Kron offers personally adapted...

    Article Jan. 17 2021
  21. Tekna Aquaculture

    About Tekna Aquaculture Tekna Aquaculture Tekna Aquaculture is the network for members interested ... issues in aquaculture, including fish health management. Join the network Member is both cost-free and...

  22. Presentation: Bloodhound Supersonic Car – The need for speed

    >Just how fast can a supersonic car travel over land? Karin Lee Presentation: Bloodhound Supersonic ... 000MPD/1,6000 KPH But will the project management team manage to meet this goal? After all, what could...

    Article Working in Norway May 31 2018 Streaming
  23. Praise Be – Or Not?

    ...hardworking, … Karin Lee Praise Be – Or Not? feedback,management,praise, Working in Norway Last fall in Bergen ... positive feedback had they gotten from, say, their managers? Silence… Surprised, I asked them to explain why...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 29 2016
  24. Mobbing in the Workplace

    ...practices Poor relationship between employees and management Poor relationships among colleagues Extremely ... function through their roles as for example manager or middle manager. The other employees also have a responsibility...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 22 2021
  25. Is there a Tekna group at your workplace?

    ...act as a spokesperson in meetings with company management. Tekna representatives also have an important ... Tekna group you ensure dialogue between company management and the employees regarding important decisions...

    Article Aktuelt May 4 2020