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  1. Testledelse

    vil lære hvordan du metodisk og strukturert leder test og kvalitet i et systemutviklingsløp. Du får innsikt ... rundt et test-team Feilhåndtering – hva er status på feilene Rapportering og ledelse av test Innføring

    Course Nov. 10–11
  2. Klatrekurs

    session before you attend the actual “brattkort” skill test. Therefore we provide you with a “climbing card” ... these two sessions you can do the” brattkort” skill test. There is no need to book beforehand, but please

    Course Nov. 27–28
  3. Kvalitetssikring av softwareprosjekter

    effektivt å flytte innsatsen fra å finne og rette feil i test, til å finne og rette feil i prosessene (krav, arkitektur ... Hvordan du designer inn kvalitet, i motsetning til å teste det inn mot slutten. 3. Du lærer å gjennomføre en

    Course Dec. 2–3
  4. Nettkurs: Design thinking

    av behov, samskaping, involvering, åpenhet og testing; alltid med brukeren i sentrum. Praktisk kurs På ... problemstillingen, generere ideer og lage prototyper for testing. Det vil bli lagt inn jevnlige pauser underveis

    Course Oct. 13–20
  5. Tekna Kommune tillitsvalgtkonferanse 2021

    41391 Tekna Kommune tillitsvalgtkonferanse 2021 Tekna Kommune ønsker alle tillitsvalgte ... kan du fremvise negativ testresultat fra korona-testing gjort i løpet av de siste 48 timer. Det er foreløpig

    Course Oct. 28–30
  6. XXIV NCR Symposium 2021 is postponed to august 2022 in Sweden,

    38680 XXIV NCR Symposium 2021 is postponed to august 2022 in Sweden, DUE TO THE COVID-19 SITUATION ... Shrinkage, Structural behavior, Sustainability, Testing, Fibers, Others. All abstracts and presentations

    Conference Aug. 16–19 2022
  7. Digital spare parts supply in the energy sector

    Henry St Aubyn, Data Gumbo AS Using Mixed Reality to test out digital spare parts What is Mixed Reality, and ... field. 20210915_Scott Leaman_Using Mixed Reality to test out digital spare parts.pdf Scott Leaman, Sopra...

    Article Energibloggen Sept. 15 2021 Streaming
  8. The Most Common Mistake CV Writers Make

    ...section. Here is exactly what appeared there: Motor Testing: VFDs setup, data … Karin Lee The Most Common Mistake ... section. Here is exactly what appeared there: Motor Testing: VFDs setup, data collection and analysis Different...

    Article Working in Norway Aug. 29 2019
  9. The ultimate checklist for your pension

    Line Henriette Holten, Tekna’s general secretary The ultimate checklist for your pension ... your own pension plan. Step 1: Take Kron’s pension test to get an overview Your pension is the money you’ll...

    Article Råd og tips Sept. 1 2021
  10. Relationships Working for You?

    How do you feel about relationship? When you read that question, what probably popped into ... memorize terms that were coming up on, say, a biology test? Cell = Candy Eat Licorice Lollipop (or something...

    Article Working in Norway Apr. 30 2019
  11. Can You Find the Mistake?

    Last week I had to take an online editing test where the instructions were as follows: There are 16 mistakes ... Norway Last week I had to take an online editing test where the instructions were as follows: There are...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 27 2019
  12. The CO2 catchers at Klemetsrud

    ...say the two CO2 hunters, who are hoping that the test results will be sufficiently convincing to persuade ... the amines. Over the last few months we have run tests for a total of 2000 hours,” says Jørgen Thomassen...

    Article Sept. 17 2019
  13. Sky-high growth of digital paper tablet

    Photo: reMarkable’s Chief Organizational Officer» Haakon Knoph in his home office holding ... perfectly. – We implement software for production testing at the factory, something that provides quality...

    Article Aktuelt June 21 2021
  14. Uniting Norway in digital classroms

    Today, one of the pupils is taking part in the testing of the new digital classroom. “ENT3R will now be ... coordinator and a colleague are seated in Trondheim and test-driving the digital classroom together with a mentor...

    Article Nov. 27 2017
  15. CV Writing Tips: What’s your 2020 story?

    2020: The year you had to juggle child care while working full time in the same house Karin ... to make this happen). Or say your work involves testing new products – and these products got delayed due...

    Article Working in Norway Dec. 10 2020
  16. Cutting climate gas emissions with electric roads

    Italy. In Gävle in Sweden, for example, an extended test stretch of overhead conductive lines is operational ... operational and in use by a transport company. A test stretch of conductive rail has been embedded in a 12 kilometre...

    Article Feb. 4 2019
  17. How to Answer the Interview Question: “So, how long do you plan on staying here?”

    I recently got an e-mail from a woman that went something like this: “Last week I was being ... more extreme, the question poses a kind of loyalty test about living here – you pass only if your answer...

    Article Working in Norway May 19 2017
  18. Trial Periods

    Tekna’s legal department Trial Periods Trial periods are a common feature of Norwegian employment ... feature of Norwegian employment contracts. prøvetid, test, tilpasning, begrenset tidsperiode Råd og tips The...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 23 2021
  19. How/Why Should You Write a CV Summary?

    Wondering what your CV Summary should look like? Read on. This must be the season for CV ... operating conditions Software and documentation Testing chemicals and segregating alternate fuels Why should...

    Article Working in Norway Feb. 18 2020
  20. Doing this can increase your pension by several hundred thousand kroner

    Doing this can increase your pension by several hundred thousand kroner You yourself ... savings plan (IPS) via Kron Pssst ... Take the pension test! You can see how much you should save for your pension...

    Article Råd og tips Jan. 31 2021
  21. CV Writing: Don’t Just Be Responsible, Be Active

    It happened once again – the course takers (mine) taught the course instructor (me) ... standards website …inspected and maintained the testing facility …supervised the hiring process for cross-cultural...

    Article Working in Norway Nov. 29 2016
  22. Let’s be perfectly clear: Writing the Summary on your CV

    The fact that there is no clear right or wrong in resume writing frustrates some job ... simulation, history, matching, optimization, well testing and type curve analysis. …to which the reader responds...

    Article Working in Norway June 30 2019
  23. The year that went downhill fast – this is how they experienced it

    Karoline Lewinsen, Casper Andersen Rødsrud, Ivar F. Ihle and Eli Grimsby have experienced ... student? – This year has been rough, and it’s really tested my motivation. The toughest part has probably been...

    Article Aktuelt Apr. 29 2021
  24. ‘Why didn’t I get the job?’: Our Need for Post-Interview Answers

    Even though it took place a good many years ago, I still remember my first interview ... particular principal, and so I had unwittingly failed his test. Contrary to expectations, there is a happy ending...

    Article Working in Norway Sept. 23 2016
  25. Newsletter November 2017

    Newsletter November 2017 Norway’s best ... mathematicians The results of this past autumn’s national tests have just been published. Recently-started lower...

    Article Nov. 24 2017