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  1. Intellectual property rights (IPR)

    ...whether in the form of business secrets, know-how, patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, company names ... the enterprise. immaterielle rettigheter, patent, patenter, oppfinnelser, oppfinnelse, ansattes oppfinnelse...

    Article Råd og tips Feb. 27 2021
  2. Transferring shares

    Transferring shares Shareholders often have several questions when it comes to transferring their ... where the value consists of human capital or a patent that has not yet been commercialized. The Limited...

    Article Aug. 26 2021
  3. Employment law

    Employment law Here you’ll find informative articles about real-life legal issues written by Tekna ... of business and industrial secrets, know-how, patents, trademark, design, copyrights, business names...

  4. Intellectual property rights (IPR) - employees

    ...whether in the form of business secrets, know-how, patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, company names ... ownership. The various types of rights Patent rights What is a patent? A patent is a legal protection of an invention...

    Article Mar. 13 2015
  5. Legal assistance

    Legal assistance: Employment As a member, you are entitled to receive free legal assistance ... wide range of areas, including dismissal, layoffs, patent creation and intellectual property rights. While...

  6. A security hole in the heart

    A security hole in the heart Security researcher and Tekna member Marie Moe has been awarded ... many medical appliances. “Manufacturers often have patent-protected commercial secrets and do not use open...

    Article Nov. 2 2017
  7. Professional Networks

    Professional Networks Joining professional networks is an important step to take towards developing ... for Fjellsprengningsteknikk (NFF)) Association of Patent Attorneys in Norwegian Industry (Norsk forening...

    Article Mar. 5 2015