Private sector

One important benefit of being organized in Tekna, is the possibility of having your salary negotiated through collective bargaining by your Tekna union representative.

Salary negotiations in the private sector

Any company having a local Tekna group  has Tekna union representatives, who annually negotiate a lump sum salary increase on behalf of their group members. Subsequently, management divides this payment among local group members based on certain pre-agreed criteria. This system provides you with the possibility of having your salary negotiated through annual collective bargaining.

Salary statistics

Tekna’s annually published salary statistics for the private and public (municipal and central) sectors provide you with the best information available for comparing your own salary with other employees in your field. The full set of statistical data is available only to members. Moreover, each year Tekna calculates a recommended entry level salary for recent graduates working in the private sector.

Modified date: Friday, March 20, 2015