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Roboter som jobber i industriproduksjon

Topic: ICT

Mathematical optimization

Modified: Oct. 20 2021 Streaming

Mathematical optimization is the art of finding best solutions to difficult problems, from organizing movements of planes in a large airport to the placement of windmills.

How to make better decisions

It can help you make the most of your data and resources, resulting in cost savings and higher revenues – and improved products or services. Complex business and engineering problems in a wide variety of industries can be solved with mathematical optimization.

In this seminar, we will give a short introduction to optimization illustrated by three use cases: automotive, wind power, and aviation.

You will learn about:

  • What is meant with "optimize" and "optimization" in mathematical terms?
  • How to evaluate optimization algorithms and to pose critical questions:
  • Which type of algorithm is suitable for your problem?
  • What are good objectives and constraints?
  • How can the results be applied to your practical setting?
  • How optimization is applied in practice through 3 industrial cases

The Programme:

  1. Welcome and Introduction
    Heidi Dahl, Sintef and chairman of Tekna Big Data board
  2. Intro into Optimization
    Torkel Hauffman, SINTEF
  3. Mathematical optimization for offshore wind farm design
    Martina Fischetti, Vattenfall
  4. Optimization in RENAULT supply chain and manufacturing.
    Alain Nguyen, Renault
  5. Optimization in Aviation
    Patrick Schittekat, SINTEF
  6. Closing and remarks
    Heidi Dahl, Sintef and chairman of Tekna Big Data board

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