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Illustrasjonsbilde av en ung kvinne med data og kretsløp

Topic: ICT

Data driven climate insight

Modified: Jan. 19 2021 Streaming

How may data and intelligence enhance our understanding of our climate? In this online seminar we will address the potential of different approaches for analyzing and understanding our climate, based on available data. What are the challenges of different methods – machine learning (artificial intelligence) or traditional methods – and how do researches and analysts address these challenges?

We will hear more about these topics from:

  • Erik W. Kolstad,
    Climate researcher at NORCE and the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research:
    Climate risk prediction – challenges and benefits for the society
  • Terje Wahl,
    Research Director at Norwegian Space Agency:
    Which climate parameters are observed by the satellites? And how long climate data series do we have from satellites?
  • Thordis Thorarinsdottir,
    Chief Research Scientist at Norwegian Computing Center: Machine learning vs. statistical methods for climate data analysis
  • Christian Bengtson,
    Head of Agriculture at IBM EMEA:
    GRAF – changing global weather forecasting using big data and a new supercomputer

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