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Forum for technology innovation

The conference is known as the “Geilo” conference and is the preferred international forum for personnel working within the survey segment in the oil and gas industry.
Whether it is on technology developments or the practical part, offshore, surface or subsurface, survey also including mining and other renewable technologies.

The conference has an informal format and is known for willingly sharing knowledge and experiences and across companies. Perfect environment for dialogue, discussion and networking.




Program 2019

The program is again packed with a high number of relevant topics, new is that we have a better mix of presentations from academia and the industry.

The conference will have sessions such as; what´s going on at Norways major universities,  dedicated sessions on Big Data, Experiences from offshore Survey, Technology News, Offshore Mining and a session where PhD students from NTNU and the University of Bergen presenting related d to deep-sea mining and AUV in deep-sea mapping and exploration.

Stay updated

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet key personnel from the academia and the industry.  The high number of delegates representing several companies in the seabed mapping and survey segment of the oil and gas industry.
And don’t forget, this conference is dependent of persons with competence and experience like yours and all together contribute in developing the industry
Hope to see you in Geilo in March 2019.