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Forum for technology innovation

The conference is known as the “Geilo” conference and is the preferred international forum for personnel working within the mapping and survey segment in the oil and gas industry.

The conference has an informal format and is the event for innovation and exchange of experiences made through projects and offshore operations.
This event is also well known for the open dialogue between companies and competitors and the willingness to share vital knowledge and experiences.

The venue, Vestlia Resort in Geilo is the perfect environment for dialogue, discussion and networking. And there is allocated time in the program for both formal and informal interaction.

Program 2022

Tekna and the program committee thank all of you who has submitted abstracts and contributions for the technical program in Geilo March 2022.

The program will be a mix of submitted abstracts and invited speakers to cover actual and ongoing projects and operations 

The program will cover traditional survey projects, both planned and experiences from,  as well as upcoming projects on the renewable side of the industry related to the energy transition.

The conference format is hybrid which means that the majority of the speasker will present from Geilo, and that there will be some speak digitally.

Program will be published primo medio December 

We hope to see you in March, in Geilo

Conference format

Conferences like this, where a diversity of key personnel gathers, is dependent on contributors who are willing to share and discuss challenges and experiences which is of great value for future projects.

Last year conference was, due to Covid-19, a digital event and we had a great number of attendees, however, we see the importance to gather people and the high value that brings in so many aspects.
And it is in this context we plan for a physical conference in Geilo, combined with a digital option – a Hybride conference.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share YOUR knowledge and experiences with fellow colleagues and to influence the program of 2022
We hope to see all regular as well as new attendees in March for a great conference and a valuable gathering and that those not being able to come, we look forward to see digitally.