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Produced Water Management 2025

Call for Abstract

Jan. 22–23 2025Clarion Hotel Stavanger AS, STAVANGER

The preferred conference to attend for professonals working with innovative solutions related to produced water in the oil-and gas industry.


Are your assets struggling with the amount of produced water? Do you want to learn more about various solution to your challenges?

Will you be willing to share your knowledge of value to fellow colleagues? Do you value learning from discussions with others that will enhance your prospective?

If the answer is yes, this conference will be of benefit to you.

Don’t think twice, put down the dates or book your seat now.

Call for abstract 2025

The challenges with handling of PW are increasing due to fields getting mature. Solving this common challenge needs to be discussed and solved together.

We believe that conferences like this are important arenas for sharing experiences across company borders but also a place for discussing the use of proven technology as well as the need of new technology and methods.

Tekna and the program committee are now seeking personnel with knowledge and experiences and willing to share, to submit abstract for 2025.

By submitting you will enhance the quality of this forum and network where vital information is contributing to how the industry go by managing the challenges with Produced water

Submit here. Deadline is 1st September.

Why you should attend

Why should you attend By attending you will boost your knowledge, learn from others in a meaningful break from the normal workday by listening to presentations with high technical content. The conference is well known for having an informal format, where everyone willingly share, both from the stage as well as in discussions and talks in all breaks.

This is a unique opportunity to meet a high number of key professionals working with produced water challenges and is relevant and beneficial for personnel from design to process and production .

The icebreaking Tapas Buffet the evening prior to the event and The Conference Dinner are both well attended and is also a great networking arena.

Registration here