May 5–6
Tappin konferanseplattform, Nettbasert

Welcome 2021

Tekna and the program committee look forward to the 32 conference which due to the still ongoing pandemic will be executed through a digital platform

Kolbjørn Johannesen, AkerBP is program chair for 2021 and on behalf of the program committee we hope you will be inspired to attend the event in May which will give you an update of the important work going on in the industry and research intsitutions in their continiously effort  improving the processes related to production chemistry

We hope you will join in and keep the conference alive until we can meet again in Geilo again in 2022

Program 2021

In the past years, a significant number of innovative solutions have been proposed, which has enabled us to better understand oilfield systems and thus find better solutions, take preventive actions and optimise procedures.

The oil industry needs to adopt to the current environmental requirements  and reduce its chemical and oil discharge as well as its CO2 footprint in order to stay a sustainable industry in the future.

It is imperative that academia and industry have deep interaction and integration, including different disciplines and industry sectors.

The submitted abstracts for 2021 reflect the above and Tekna is overwhelmed over the high quality of the submitted material and we look forward to launch the final program medio February



Your knowledge matters

The aim of the symposium is to facilitate an arena where academia and industry can share their knowledge and experience.

In the current situation with Covid-19 and the low oil prices it is even more important to reduce costs and improve production. The oil industry also needs to adopt to the current environmental movement and reduce it’s CO2 footprint, chemical and oil discharge if we are going to survive as an sustainable industry for the future.

In order to achieve this goal innovation is a key factor. Fundamental academic studies in combination with field experience sets the perfect conditions to find innovative ideas and/or techniques.

Register, be updated and learn more about new technology, new methods and innovative solutions.