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Oct. 26

Course objective
Course objective is to provide basic understanding of the history of produced water management in the North Sea,  the factors that has impacted the development of PW treatment technologies off- and onshore

Produced Water Treatment Technologies, Microbiology, Chemicals  Environmental risks and Produced water monitoring

Areas to be covered
Upstream oil and gas production from the start until today will shortly be reviewed with focus on produced water treatment and technology developments.

Focus and content
The short course will focus on the factors impacting the development of treatment technologies used for injection water (IW), re-injected produced water (PWRI) and produced water (PW). Environmental regulation, PW composition, reservoir requirement, field development, oilfield chemicals needed, and discharge requirements will be addressed, as well as health- and environmental risk challenges.

Who will benefit from attending?

The course will be open for everyone and will be useful to personnel working with produced water management either you are new to the  business or have been there for a while and need to recap.

The lecturer, Eilen A. Vik, Aquateam COWI has been in th business for nerarly 40 years. Eilen posesses high competence and vast amount of practical experiences from an unknown number of intallations she has visited over the years.

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