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Sprayed Concrete 2024

June 17–20Scandic Park Sandefjord, SANDEFJORD

Welcome to the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete in Sandefjord, Norway!

There is a constant need for innovation, and it is therefore necessary to meet frequently and exchange ideas and information about novel technology developments. Today the focus is on United Nation’s Sustainable Goals. Concrete, being the most used construction material in the world, has naturally gained great attention in this picture. Concrete mix-design and -solutions is therefore important keywords of today’s development trends.

And that is why the Themes for the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete is this:
-Low-carbon solutions
-Waterproofing (including injection)
-Equipment technology
-Materials development
-Projects and cases
-Application, quality control, documentation

Link for submitting your abstract is now open - for more information click her.

In October 1993 the First International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete took place at Fagernes, Norway. In June 2024 we will arrange the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete – now in Sandefjord, Norway.

Meet new people – meet people you already know – find time to be sharing knowledge. It is never too late to learn!

If you have any questions about the paper/presentation or contest, please contact: [email protected]