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About the conference

Welcome to the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete in Sandefjord, Norway!

For many decades now wet mix sprayed concrete has been a prerequisite for safe under-ground space works, and in many cases also for the permanent support condition in, for instance, infrastructure tunnels. There has been a constant development and improvement of the technology, such as: fibre reinforcement, introduction of alkali-free accelerators, more automatic spraying robots, laser scanning systems, etc.

There is a constant need for innovation, and it is therefore necessary to meet frequently and exchange ideas and information about novel technology developments. In October 1993 the First International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete took place at Fagernes, Norway. A group of dedicated people around the world wanted to inform, discuss and evaluate the topic Sprayed Concrete – Modern Use of Wet Mix Sprayed Concrete for Underground Support. All people interested was invited to join them at Fagernes and more than 100 people came and found a “community” with the same interests. In June 2023 we will arrange the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete Sandefjord, Norway and many of you have joined us during these 30 years and we do hope to see as many as possible in Sandefjord as well.

Today the focus is on United Nation’s Sustainable Goals. Concrete, being the most used construction material in the world, has naturally gained great attention in this picture. Concrete mix-design and -solutions is therefore important keywords of today’s development trends.

Some questions of today may be: How easy is it to produce and use a low carbon sprayed concrete? For sure new binders can be introduced, maybe even alternatives to Portland cement? Do new cements demand for a new generation of accelerators? Will concrete and sprayed concrete be challenged by alternative materials? Are there any alternatives to sprayed concrete used in underground space?

There is a hope that the development is still going on for full speed also in the sprayed concrete industry. So please, if you represent a university, material supplier, contractor, project owner, consultant, research company or others, you are very welcome to join the 9th International Symposium on Sprayed Concrete, either as audience only or as a presenter of a paper.

So meet new people – meet people you already know – find time to be sharing knowledge because it is never too late to learn, see you in Sandefjord!

If you have any questions regarding this symposium, please send an email to: [email protected]