June 29–July 1 2023

fib has recognized the importance of conceptual design to solve the challenges of the future.

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Therefore, the fib Symposium on conceptual design is arranged bi-yearly.
First time in Madrid 2019, then Switzerland in 2021, both very successful, and next one is in 2023 in Oslo, in collaboration with the Norwegian Concrete Association.

Challenges ahead are more serious than before. We can mention a few: climate, sustainability, energy, infrastructure, circular economy, safe living, and safe cities.

Future concept designers need to be more clever than before. The ambition of the 2023 Symposium is to help young designers to develop skills of conceptual design, to be more clever than the present conceptual designers. Contrary to what many believes, conceptual design abilities may be developed.

Achievement Award for Young Engineers

Entries are now being accepted for the fib Achievement Award for Young Engineers 2023. The call for entries and the entry form are available online. Please contact the fib Secretariat if you have any questions.
This prize is awarded every two years at an fib symposium to engineers who are younger than 40 years old. In general, the award is given in two categories – the Research category and the Design and construction category. This award was formerly known as the Diploma to Younger Engineers, since 2001.

All candidates have to be endorsed by the fib National Delegation of their country.

We look forward to welcome you to Oslo next year, so note the date now!

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Bygg, anlegg og eiendom

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