Fatigue of risers and pipelines - offshore

The course provides an introduction to fatigue and fracture design of pipelines and risers.

It is suitable for engineers who are involved in design and integrity management of pipelines, risers and subsea systems.  It is expected that participants have some experience e.g. from Tekna courses in basic and advanced fatigue and fracture design.


The course consists of two main parts:

1. Response and load analysis

2. Assessment of fatigue and fracture strength


The following  standards and recommendations will be used in the course:

  • DNV-RP-F105 - Free Spanning Pipelines
  • DNV-RP-C203 - Fatigue Strength (SN kurver)
  • DNV-OS-F101 - Submarine Pipeline Systems
  • DNV-RP-F204 - Riser Fatigue
  • BS 7910 Guide to methods for assessing the acceptability of flaws in metallic structures

The course lecturers are professors from NTNU, the universities in Agder and Stavanger plus experts from DNV

This course is one of many during Kursdagene 2014. Kursdagene in Trondheim takes place the first week of January every year, in co-operation with NTNU. We expect between 1500 and 2000 attendees and wish you welcome to professional input and network building during Kursdagene!

  • Dato:07.01.2014 kl 0900
    08.01.2014 kl 1630
  • Sted: Clarion Hotel & Congress, TRONDHEIM
  • Fagområde:Anlegg, Bygg, Marin teknologi, Materialteknologi og design, Olje og gass, Prosessindustri, Skip
  • Kursnummer:1428001
  • Kursavgift:
    • Kr 9900,- Medlem av NFS eller Norsk Stålforbund
    • Kr 10200,- Medlem av Tekna
    • Kr 10400,- Ikke medlem
    • Påmelding snarest Kr 500.- Student hvis ledig plass
  • Kontakt: Kristian Ivsett Johnsen
    22 94 75 00