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Exhibitors’Guide to Symposium on Sprayed Concrete 2024

Venue: Scandic Park Sandefjord
Address: Strandpromenaden 9, 3208 Sandefjord, Norway

Exhibition requirements:
If you want an exhibition, you must pay full participant price for at least 1 person.
It is allowed to bring several people to work on the stand, but you will be charged for food and drinks (lunch, coffee ect.) per person pr. day.

Exhibition area:
Get in: 16. June 2024 from 4. pm
Tear down: 20. June 2024 from 1230. pm

The exhibit area is in accordance with the agreement with the organizer. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Stand equipment:
- Each stand includes a conference table with tablecloth and electricity
- Tables and tablecloths are available in the exhibit area
- The exhibitors are responsible for arranging their table/tablecloth set-up
- There are no further constructions for stands included

Tear down and return of equipment from exhibitor:
Shall the equipment be returned via an external company, then the exhibitor is responsible for the arrangement of pick-up themself.

Equipment must be clearly marked, and payment of shipment organized in advance. Equipment must be picked upon the 20. of June, no later than the 21. of June 2024. Hotel Scandic Park Sandefjord do not take responsibility for exhibitors’ equipment.

NOTE! Logistics:
- Equipment for stands can be sent to Hotel Scandic Park Sandefjord as close to congress start as possible
- The hotel does not have a lot of storage space so please respect the delivery date 15. of June as close as you can

Equipment is sent to:
Hotel: Scandic Park Sandefjord
Att: Conference Department
Address: Strandpromenaden 9 3208 Sandefjord, Norway
Phone: +47 33 44 74 00

Shipment labelling:
Name of firm: Exhibit: Sprayede Concrete 2024
Delivery date 15. of June 2024
Company contact person: Contact person cell phone no.:
NOTE! It is important to label the shipment correctly, otherwise the hotel cannot accept delivery.